Before booking

Am I booking a private transfer?

All the bookings are for private transfers and trips. You and your group will travel in a vehicle of exclusive use that has been recognized by the local transport authority. This will allow you to avoid queues and delays and let you travel directly to your destination.

Is it safe to introduce my credit card information?

Of course it is. Your credit card details are required at the last step of the booking process.
Excellencetaxibcn.com doesn?t record your data, so you won?t have any problem at all.

How much baggage is permitted per person?

The standard amount of baggage is one suitcase of medium size per person.

If you expect to bring more than one suitcase or if the size of it is bigger than 80x50x30, please write it down when you order the booking so we can offer you the most suitable vehicle.

Also, if you bring special baggage, note it down in the comments section of the booking and we?ll contact you as soon as possible to offer you the best solution.

Is it possible to travel with children?

All our vehicles can be adapted to carry baby and child seats. During the booking process you will be able to tell us how many children travel with you and if you need any seats for them.

Can children travel with a buggy?

Yes, our vehicles can carry buggies. Just remember that each child counts as one adult and can travel with one baggage (suitcase or buggy).

Can people using wheelchairs travel with your taxis?

Sure. During the booking process, please write down that one of the passengers travels with a wheelchair. The wheelchair must be foldable and non-motorized. The transport of the wheelchair doesn?t imply any extra expense.

Is it allowed to travel with pets?

Yes, but it must travel in an adapted pet bag and it should never be off a leash inside the vehicle.

Will I be brought and picked up at my hotel or private address?

Yes. All our private transfers will bring you and your group directly to your destination. In the same way, you?ll be collected at the same place the return day.

Is it possible to get an invoice of the hired services?

Yes. Once the booking has finished, you?ll receive a confirmation email with the corresponding invoice attached. It will include all the details you have given for the booking.

If you need the invoice with different details, you should contact us by email at info@excellencetaxibcn.com or through the contacting form and give us the data that must appear in the invoice.

Is it possible to place a last-minute booking?

Yes, but at least 45 minutes in advance. This kind of booking is subject to the availability of the vehicles at that moment.

Before the trip

What should I show to the driver?

For every kind of service, you should give the driver a copy of the booking confirmation that you have already received by email.

Where is the meeting point with the driver?

Meeting points will be given at the booking confirmation. At the airport, the driver will wait for you at the drivers designated area holding a sign with your name. The drivers designated area is just at the exit after collecting your baggage.

If the collection is at a hotel the driver will pick you up at the hall and if it?s a private address he will wait at the place given on the booking.

How long will the driver wait at the airport?

The driver always checks flights schedules and he will wait for 60 minutes once the flight is landed.

How long will the driver wait for other kind of transfers and trips?

For the rest of transfers and trips, the waiting time is 15 minutes from the time given on the booking.

What happens if my flight is delayed and I can?t make contact about it?

No problem. As you will tell us your flight number on the booking, the driver will check for possible delays.

What happens if I don?t find the driver?

In case you can?t find the driver, please call us on our 24 hour assistance telephone that we will give you with the booking confirmation.

What happens if my driver is late?

In case the driver is more than 10 minutes late from the timetable given on the booking because of adverse reasons or a traffic jam, please call us on our 24 hour assistance telephone +34 675 500 696 and we will give the fastest solution.

Can I modify the information of my booking?

Yes. Any change must be notified two hours before the date and the time given on the booking. You should contact us through the contact form or by email at info@excellence.com and tell us the new details about the collection.

Can I cancel the booking?

Yes, you can cancel your booking up to two hours before the date and the time given on the booking and we won?t charge you anything.

I?ve paid the booking and I haven?t received any confirmation yet?

In this case you should contact us through the contact form or by email at info@excellence.com explaining the problem and we will send you the confirmation as soon as possible.

After the trip

I?m very satisfied with the service. What can I do?

You can visit our blog and leave a comment explaining how our service was. Any publicity is a recognition of our work and helps us to improve.

How can I give my thanks, leave a comment or make a suggestion?

You can visit our blog which is linked to our website and there you can explain your experience with us and make any suggestion about improvements.

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